Manager's Message




Prof. Manoj Kumar Srivastav



Greetings and welcome to University Model School. The school, established for over 19 years now, continues to serve the nation by emancipating the dormant potential of the youth and by encouraging them towards overall excellence. Here at University Model School, “Education as a way of life.”—our students approach the school as the facilitator and incubator to a life-long process of learning.

We view education as an integral part of life itself and not merely as preparation for life. Everything in our school is designed around this holistic approach to education; from our educational pedagogy focused on experiential learning to the open-plan architecture that fosters education.

Our school, therefore, serves as the birthplace of a lifelong love for learning and knowledge that goes beyond the time our students spend in school. This view of education as a way of life enables our students and teachers to continuously enrich themselves while also equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

This educational pedagogy, closely related to experiential learning, takes a holistic view of our students such that their development in the classroom is not disparate from their emotional, moral, interpersonal and social development. In order for our students to become leaders, they need an education that does not end in the classroom but rather begins there.

We seek to awaken in our students a sense of intrinsic worth, based on God-given potential and a commitment to respect the dignity and uniqueness of each individual amidst racial, cultural, linguistic, religious diversity.

The school is blessed with a well-qualified, talented and competent teachers and staff members to mentor students, to guide their academics experiences, build critical skills and cultivate their creative thinking with the aim of social transformation. In order to create leaders for our community and our nation, we have to engage and develop our students by using various learning methods which are in practice.

This commitment to empowering our students as leaders of our community is widely reflected by the actions of our school, from our classrooms etiquettes, from our participation in various curricular activities and competitions to our innovative curriculum. Our school is therefore the incubator of leaders with a universal outlook and a lifelong passion for learning.