Mission And Vision



  • To provide quality education, encouraging pursuit of excellence and up-to date knowledge in all fields of life.
  • To propagate patriotic, social and ethical values for a responsible citizenship in students.
  • To ensure physical mental and spiritual growth of students and create in them the thirst for learning.
  • To enlarge the mental horizon and broaden their outlook through training and developing in them a sense of co-operation, mutual understanding, team spirit and social service.
  • To assist them in enjoying their leisure period through healthy and recreational activities and develops habits like reading becomes sources of joy and pleasure for a life time.
  • To channelize youthful energy towards positive, socially approved creativity and activities that enhance self-realization.
    1. We hope that coming academic session will be more progressive than the previous ones. At University Model School, we wish to operate in a way that actively recognizes the central role that education plays in the whole structure of a society, by initiating ways to improve the quality of life and living.
    2. The curriculum is designed to meet a futuristic education. Each and every component of curriculum is purposive.
    3. We are trying hard to develop such a personality and character in each and every student which maintains the paragon of the academic world.
    4. In University Model School students are encouraged to learn by doing and focus is laid on multidimensional development.
    5. In the 21st Century, life faces new challenges every day. Here at University Model School students are engineered to face the world and take control of their own lives as best as they can.

“Together we will change the world.”